MCPE 1.5.2

Download Minecraft PE 1.5.2 Update Aquatic for free on Android: adorable reptiles and their babies, fragile eggs, as well as a variety of achievements.

What’s new in MCPE 1.5.2?

Developers release another Update Aquatic version introducing bubble columns, trident enchantments, and even underwater conduit. Minecraft PE 1.5.2 players will be able to explore brand new oceans.


First of all, the freshly added trident now has its own witcheries. It turns out this powerful weapon can be even more efficacious.

Rummage all the chests you can find or rip off all the greedy traders on your way to find the Loyalty, Channeling, Impaling, and Riptide.

Once thrown at someone not so friendly and enchanted with Loyalty, tridents will fly back to the MCPE 1.5.2 users.
On the other hand, the Channeling effect allows you to summon lightning by throwing it. You can technically become Zeus.

The Riptide charm propels the player if he uses the trident underwater or when it’s raining. Additionally, it deals some damage to the mobs in your propelling way.

Lastly, the Impaling enchantment maltreats marine creatures more than usual in Minecraft PE 1.5.2.


Some animals changed a little as well. For instance, you can now feed dolphins raw cod or salmon, so it leads you to the nearest shipwreck or ocean ruins.

Oppositely, Drowned now have more chances to spawn with a nautilus shell in MCPE 1.5.2. They still drop tridents sometimes, though.

At the same time, Husks and Zombies now turn into Drowned if they spend too much time underwater. Generally, all undead can no longer swim at all.


When it comes to Minecraft PE 1.5.2 geography, we have to mention numerous bubble columns throughout the oceans.

As a matter of fact, a magma or soulsand block placed in water depths now produces bubbles that can either suck you down or, on the contrary, push you to the surface.

All in all, there is a lot to explore in this update.



Place a magma or soul sand block underwater.

They love raw cod or salmon.

Just hunt down some Drowned.


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