Survival on a Single Block Map for MCPE

Download the Survival on a Single Block Map for Minecraft PE: try to get yourself to the foodchain’s top with scarce resources.

How to survive with a Single Block in MCPE?

Minecraft PE has always been about the challenging survival experience where players had to rummage the world to seek the required materials.

However, some users were undoubtedly dissatisfied with it because there are dozens if not hundreds of maps with numerous limitations.

Survival on a single block is a map type where low users have to develop and somewhat cherish within limited space.
Generally, MCPE has become even more complicated and challenging than ever before, thanks to those maps.

One Block Challenge

At first glance, this unremarkable map presents nothing so special, but it dares to undermine all Minecraft PE pros worldwide in reality.

In the beginning, you have nothing but one block you are standing on. However, the more blocks you break, the more blocks appear step by step.

The most intriguing part is it happens randomly, and you never know whether it’s going to be lava or a diamond ore in MCPE.

Users will have to sacrifice some of the blocks sometimes. For instance, you get obsidian, but you can’t break it since you have no appropriate gear.

But you must demolish it anyway for the world to keep developing. As you can see, a lot of drama can happen ever and anon.

On One Block

All similar maps work the same way as we’ve described. You have one block in the beginning. You keep destroying them, and more stuff appears.

However, there’s a vital difference this time. This Minecraft PE can occasionally generate chests with precious loot. You don’t have much anyway, so it’ll be an excellent present.

Some users even manage to build gigantic castles and automatic farms. Maybe you can get to that level as well.

One Block Challenge
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
On One Block
1.2.0 – 1.16.201


You have to keep breaking block waiting for the wood to show up.

Yes, it is really possible.

Yes, the more your map is, the more pesky creatures will appear.


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