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MCPE – What’s New?

In Minecraft PE, the developers at Mojang Studios have paid great attention to the innovations from the Caves & Cliffs update. The game now has copper, glowing squids, stalactites and stalagmites, and much more.


A new material in MCPE, which is mined by smelting copper ore. This ore generates at about the same height as iron ore. After melting copper ore, the player receives a copper ingot.

Various copper blocks can be made from copper ingots. But these blocks oxidize over time under the influence of air and their the texture color changes to turquoise. If you combine a copper block with a honeycomb, you can avoid this.

Glowing squid (removed in version

In Minecraft PE, the player can see a new creature underwater – a glowing squid. It differs from an ordinary squid in that it emits light and interesting particles. Upon death, this mob will drop a glowing ink sac.

If you combine this bag with a regular frame, you can get a luminous frame. Objects in such a frame will glow at night and will be clearly visible from afar. This is especially suitable for interior decoration.

Unfortunately, in this update the developers decided to remove the glowing squids, but they will appear in the next versions.

Lightning rod

You can make a lightning rod from copper ingots in MCPE With this block, the player will be able to prevent fires during a thunderstorm.

The lightning rod will attract all lightning strikes within a radius of several blocks. When struck by lightning, the lightning rod emits a redstone signal with a strength of 15.

Stalactites and stalagmites

In the caves in Minecraft PE, the player should now be more careful, because a stalactite could fall on them at any time! This is a new formation that appears on the ceilings of the caves.

Stalagmites, unlike stalactites, appear on the ground. You can also fall on them and receive a lot of damage.



You can’t make, but find it.

Use buckets to grab it.

No, you cannot ride a goat.


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