Star Wars

Download Star Wars maps for Minecraft PE: cosmic adventures continue with new places to visit, enemies to fight, and quest to complete.

What is in MCPE Star Wars Maps?

The Star Wars movies have become more than just a film franchise. It is more likely to be described as a universe. With loving fans, ongoing stories, historical events, and much more to enjoy.

This is the reason why there is plenty of Star Wars related content created in Minecraft PE.

Maps showing the most iconic scenes from the movies, addons adding new enemies, and texture pack making everything look more space-like.

Star Wars Walkers

Imperial engineers are one of the most talented technicians in the whole Galaxy. They invent new astonishing vehicles to crush the Rebellion, and the Walkers are one of those machines.

Also called AT-AT, these massive animal-looking pieces of machinery have crumbled thousands of rebels and fought in many battles.

Now, even the MCPE player will get to gaze at the beauty of this martial wonder. There are two AT-AT mechanisms and three smaller ones. These are called AT-ST.

They have only two legs, but their combat power is exceptionally grand.

Star Wars Theme Park

According to the author, this map will be fit all Star Wars fans since there is so much to see and experience. First of all, the theme park contains plenty of pixel arts.

There is an image of the Death Star and Star Wars logo. Additionally, you will be able to find iconic characters on this MCPE map.

By the way, even the colossal Star Destroyer makes its appearance.

It is followed by a dozen of smaller spaceships. It means you have an opportunity to experience something unforgettable.

Star Wars Battle

Under the creator, he initially created the map for PC users. But since it’s so epic and zingy, he has decided to port it for Minecraft PE.

Currently, you can have fun on this map, which represents a heroic battle between rebels and the forces of the Empire.

There is a big Rebellion base inside the mountains, and you should either join the separatists to fight off the Empire or help to conquer this place and bring peace to this planet.

Anyway, there is a lot to see: colossal spaceships, giant guns, and bulky AT-ATs.

Star Wars Walkers
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Star Wars Theme Park
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Star Wars Battle
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


No, but you can play with your friends if you feel lonely.

No, they’re just decorations.

Creative mode would be better for the exploration.


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