Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: go through the mangroves, meet the updated Warden in the caves and get echo shardes to craft a recovery compass!

What’s new in Minecraft

The Mojang Studios have published Minecraft PE It is a part of the Wild Update. Crafters will notice changes in Mangrove Swamps, improved Warden’s animation, and other details that equate Bedrock Edition with the PC edition.

Sculk blocks

One of the sculk blocks group in Minecraft, a shriker, can now catch the sounds of a player riding a horse and other creatures.

As you know, such blocks can signal Warden about approaching mobs. You can neutralize this sculk by covering it with wool.

Mud blocks are also available to players. Such materials can be used for construction, having previously dried the mud. It is easy to find these blocks in Mangrove swamps.

Game menu

To look at Minecraft PE differently, you can become an observer in the game. The switch in the experimental menu will help you try out the new mode.

Interestingly, Steve, in this case, will not affect blocks and objects, mobs will not interact with him, and the effects will cease to spread.

The developers removed some toggles from the experimental mode.


This mob can become a strong opponent in Minecraft for those who decide to go to the Ancient City and other surroundings of the Deep Dark.

Warden still attacks all other mobs, chasing its victims by scent. The noise makes the creature angry, and after reaching the aim, it attacks.

After receiving the updated animation, the monster became even more similar to the Warden from the java edition.


The developers from the Mojang Studios are trying to equalize the Bedrock Edition and Java editions by adding new details. In Minecraft PE, there are a lot of trees in the Mangrove swamps.

There is grass growing among the mangroves, under which the developers decided to place mud blocks.



You can find these items in the Ancient City.

Use experimental menu.


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