MCPE 1.2.7

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.7 Better Together for free on Android: an ability to fly with elytra and fireworks, numerous decoration blocks, and more.

What’s new in MCPE 1.2.7?

Many Minecraft PE 1.2.7 users will be happy to know that there is a whole set for a party to take place. First of all, there is a jukebox. You can use it and various music discs to play fancy recordings with your mates.

You can get these in chests all around the world. Secondly, players can finish up their most lavish party by launching some fireworks in the end.

Generally, MCPE 1.2.7 has almost everything for an excellent gathering to happen.


On the other hand, this update also features another pet you can get yourself if you visit some lush and vivid tropical forests.

Parrots live exclusively in jungles and accept all types of seeds as food, so it won’t be a big deal for you to tame one in Minecraft PE 1.2.7.

Furthermore, parakeets can actually help users with various dangers surrounding them. It appears they imitate the sounds and voices of creatures around them.

Therefore you’ll be notified before the creeper’s explosion or skeleton’s arrow. However, one ought to take care of macaws in MCPE 1.2.7: they have only 4 hearts.

The most accidental way to end your pet’s happy life is to breed them some chocolate cookies. Parrots cannot stand it since it’s venomous for them.

World Generation

Minecraft PE 1.2.7 added a new type of natural occurrences: ravines. These hollow markings on the ground can indeed help players out to effortlessly find ores.

Beware, though: you can unintentionally fall down and die, and ravines are deep enough for you to remember where you started.

However, their bottoms are usually filled with either water or lava, so there are still chances for players to survive the recession in MCPE 1.2.7



It’s made by gunpowder and paper.

You can’t make, but find them.

It’s gigantic scratch on the ground.


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