Download tank mod for Minecraft PE: get to play with bulky wartime machines capable of destroying everything on their way.

What does the Tank Mod do in MCPE?

When it comes to destruction, Minecraft PE has barely anything to show. You can use your dynamite or use creepers as your minions, but it is kind of dangerous.

For that matter, numerous content creators have come up with an extraordinary idea — introduce tanks to the game. Now, you do possess a great power of elimination.

Nonetheless, be cautious with those guns since they are reasonably harmful. Neither a wall nor an Enderman will stand against the shot in MCPE.

Mech Tanks Mod

The addon’s author is quite famous since he released and published five other modifications somehow related to vehicles in Minecraft PE. Mech Tanks Mod is the fifth in these series.

As it’s evident from the title, you will get real tanks in the game you can use.

The best part of it is the new GUI. When you are in a tank, your interface will change to fit the surroundings.

There are six new items included in this MCPE addon. Keys are used to start the car’s engine. Tank body, tracks, and turret are the part you have to craft and combine to create heavy military machinery.

Of course, you can simply take it merged as an item from the Creative Inventory in Minecraft PE. Do not forget about ammunition — you will need some fuel to make it move.

Speaking about craft, users must be rich in iron ingots and green dye. These are the main ingredients to produce a walking death mechanism.

War Tank Addon

This MCPE modification adds a whole list of wartime cars ready to crush walls, buildings, and some bones, perhaps. These tanks are quite powerful when it comes to damage.

They can easily break through a wall or crumble a whole shack with one shot. Besides, living beings are not safe either: players will go to see God right after an explosion.

The best part of these immense firing stations is their capacity to carry things as well, meaning you’ll get to store your belongings in Minecraft PE.

All in all, you can now have real fun in the Overworld.

Mech Tanks Mod
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
War Tank Addon
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


Their speed is approximate to the horses’.

Usually, you can just craft it.

You have to open the back side of it.


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