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Download Motorcycle Mod for Minecraft PE: evaluate new vehicles that have a cool look and high speed and will allow players to travel everywhere.

What is interesting in Motorcycle Mod?

In the Minecraft PE world, players have the opportunity to move around on horseback or travel using a boat. The authors of Motorcycle Mod offer players several more vehicles.

They are distinguished by excellent cross-country ability and high speed. And, of course, an incredibly cool appearance. By the way, these two-wheeled bikes take up much less space than cars. For those who want to explore the cubic world with a breeze, this update is perfect.

Moreover, players can go on the road with a friend. All motorcycles can accommodate a driver and a passenger at once. It will be an unforgettable trip.


Thanks to this addition for Motorcycle Mod, new vehicles will be randomly spawned throughout the cubic world. Minecraft PE players can also find a new item in the Creative Mode Inventory.

The controls will be the same as when riding a horse. To start the movement, users will need a canister of gasoline, which they can craft themselves. One refueling is enough for a three-minute trip.

Bike Craft

Another, but more ambitious addition is offered by the authors of this supplement for Motorcycle Mod. Players can create the necessary bike on their own, but they are also all available in Creative Mode.

New vehicles do not replace any creatures. It is worth noting that users will have a lot to choose from. The assortment includes a blue Scooter, an intimidating Demon Bike, as well as the famous Harley Davidson in red.

For Minecraft PE players who would like to arrange a cross-country race, the option for motocross is suitable, it is bright orange. And also a more stable model – an ATV. In any case, all motorcycles have an incredibly cool appearance.

1.13.0 - 1.19.51


Download the file and open it in your Minecraft PE.

Make sure that the experimental game mode is activated.

Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.


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