Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: several technical improvements, bug fixes, and other exciting features.

MCPE Highlights

Mojang Studios are still trying to fix most of their mistakes during the development cycle. Generally, the majority has been fixed, but there is still work to be done.

Minecraft PE deserves its attention. It turns out there are some significant changes in its technical part of the game.

For instance, when you use the /clone command on a combined chest, those blocks work correctly. Priorly, we had problems with it.


Developers have been working hard on some graphical enhancements. As a matter of fact, there are a dozen new stunning effects all throughout the Nether.

MCPE delivers trailer like experience when it comes to the brand new biomes like Warped Forest. Dence blue fog surrounds this place.

On the other hand, flame particles ignite in the air from the Crimson Forest‘s very ground. Fluffy ash will fly around the Basalt Deltas as well.

By the way, you are now able to set an animation to the /structure command in Minecraft PE


Furthermore, there are obviously loads of new and bizarre creatures in the Nether Update. For example, a Hoglin that looks like a blind boar is an aggressive mob that will try to tier you apart.

MCPE also introduced a Piglin. This mob that somehow resembles the previously known Pigman is a smart entity that you can even barter with.

Moreover, there are Striders that look like alive blocks that can travel on lava. Players can even mount those to wander atop the boiling liquid.

All you need to take is a stick with a mushroom and one saddle. That’ll be enough to control and speed up these grotesque mobs in MCPE



No, you cannot do that since they are hostile.

Compared to the ordinary Piglins, you cannot barter with these.

Yes, you can do that.


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