Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: find out what changes have been made to the gameplay.

What’s new in Minecraft Bedrock Beta?

The developers of Mojang Studios introduced their fans the newest version of Minecraft PE In this version, they refined the gameplay and eliminated known bugs and errors from previous versions.

Spectator Mode

Now a Minecraft player cannot receive a variety of effects if he plays in Spectator mode.

And it is also impossible to organize raids or attacks anymore.


In the new update of Minecraft PE some construction blocks were improved. For example, a block of wool perfectly blocks the acoustic sensor from vibration. Sculk – Schrieker no longer summons the Warden in the water.

All the arrangement of blocks and creatures in the game space is correctly saved after the world is rebooted.

Acoustic Sensor

The functionality of the acoustic sensor based on the response to environmental events has been significantly improved. For example, now it reacts quite well when a player in Minecraft uses liquid, opens a chest in a boat, drinks milk, or collects loose snow.

However, now it is no longer so sensitive and does not react to movement on the carpet, or interactions with wool blocks, and it will also ignore any creature on scaffolding.

Technical Fixes

The authors of Minecraft PE fixed bugs that affected the gameplay. In the Ancient city, all buildings will spawn correctly without errors. Also fixed a bug that occurred if a player threw a fishing rod into the portal.

As for the speed of the game, now the character’s menu loads better and faster, and emotions are displayed correctly. If Steve travels and uses the map, then the animation of the hands does not disappear.

The game no longer crashes if the main character died of desiccation, and the cause of death itself is displayed on the game screen.

Also, the text positions have been changed in all windows and the product rating is displayed differently in the market.



You can find Reinforced Deepslate in the Ancient City.

There are a lot of glowing lianas.


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