Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: developers added a variety of new biomes, blocks, and even music.

MCPE Features

In reality, Minecraft PE has been around for almost a year. It’s been gradually developing and bettering with time, but soon Mojang Studios will switch to its new update.

However, before the October 3rd, when the annual Minecon Live takes place, we have time to rewind what’s been added in this spooky but hell-of update.


Despite tons of new content, there are loads of changes to the old blocks and features. First of all, MCPE composters now accept all the Nether vegetation.

It means you can fill it with fungi, sprouts, warts and wart blocks, roots, twisting, and weeping wines. Players are able to produce some bonemeal out of them.

Besides, ancient-like beacons accept netherite blocks from now on. It means users are finally able to get Strength, Speed, or any other effects using the brand new ore in Minecraft PE

On the other hand, observers no longer emit the Redstone signal.


Furthermore, the smithing table added in the Village & Pillage Update has its own functionality in MCPE

It turns out devs had been keeping it useless to make it eventually the place where you combine your diamond stuff with netherite to get its updated version.

By the way, saplings surrounded by flowers have a five percent chance to grow with a beehive. Even old shulker boxes can be undyed using cauldrons in Minecraft PE


Moreover, structure blocks are available without Experimental Gameplay. Priorly, users could not get those even in Creative mode.

The walls have been changed as well. They presently connect to the glass panes and iron bars in MCPE
Nevertheless, the most exciting feature is that they have no gaps between them when connected vertically.

In total, the sandbox survival game’s Nether have changed simultaneously with its other dimensions.



You should go deep below the Nether and mine ancient debris.

Melt it in blast furnace and use those scraps with gold to get netherite ingots.

Apply netherite ingots to diamond stuff in the smithing table.


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