Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: biomes fixes, new blocks, some changes to the other aspects of the game, and much more.

What is interesting in MCPE

The development cycle of the Nether Update is gradually coming to an end. It means there won’t be any big beta-version. Most of the upcoming releases will be full of bug fixes.

For example, this time, Mojang decided to change some biome attributes since they worked incorrectly. MCPE will make your experience in the Nether more enjoyable.


Some of the new Nether biomes have been updated a bit. Developers tweaked them, so they worked and acted appropriately.

For instance, specific fog you can find in the Underground World smoothly blends between biomes.

Additionally, Minecraft PE introduced stunning new biomes like Warped and Crimson Forest and Soul Sand Valley.

Nether Woods

Warped Forest is the least hostile place in the Nether. It appears that most of the mobs hate anything warped. That’s why you should visit this place — get some new mushrooms to scare away piglins and hoglins.

Crimson forest, on the contrary, is the epicenter of life in this deadly world. Piglins, hoglins, and other creatures use these woods as their den. You can find new types of logs there too!

It means players just got a lot of new wooden blocks in MCPE Crimson Forest’s effect is the spores swirling in the air.

Soul Sand Valley

This dangerous and hollow place is home for ghasts and skeletons in Minecraft PE You will find only ash falling from the ceiling and some basalt pillars stretching from the roof to the bottom.

By the way, if you lit the soul sand or soul soil, it will burn with blue fire. It also means you can craft blue torches, campfires, and lamps.

All in all, biomes have made the Nether way engaging in MCPE

New blocks are the most fascinating fact about this update. It turns out there are a dozen or so pretty-looking constructions to build with.



Currently, there are four biomes in MCPE

Place a warped fungus — it’ll scare them off.

This is a block available only in Experimental Gameplay which is used in different contraptions.


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