Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: overhauled underground dimension, and many new features are now in the game.

What’s new in MCPE

Nether Update was first announced at Minecon 2019 by the leading developers of the game. And there is a lot to see in this update. It turns out, there will be biomes in the Nether.

Besides, a new civilization of piglins will take the place of pigmen. Now our old pals will be on the periphery of this place. By the way, there are called zombified piglins from now on in MCPE


There is no update without new blocks, and Minecraft PE is no excuse. The most valuable one is ancient debris. One says it’s now in more demand than diamonds.

Apparently, this debris is more durable than diamonds. Additionally, armor made out of it does not burn in lava. It’s more robust, and the tools are faster.

Blackstone and basalt are other blocks you can find in the updated Nether of Minecraft PE

Usually, you come across them in Basalt Deltas. It’s one of the new biomes.

Items and fixes

Obviously, every major update adds tons of new items to the game. This time players will get to play with chains that can be found in Piglin Remnants.

Crimson and Warped planks, nylium, fungus, roots, and stems are all a part of the MCPE There is even crying obsidian. It is used to change your spawn point in the Nether.

Furthermore, Mojang has also worked on the game’s performance by releasing a few tweaks and fixes to the game. It is promised Minecraft PE will be more pleasant to play.


Moreover, players will also be able to use their compass on the lodestone. It turns out that this block will be an anchor for your compass and lead you.

In this way, you’ll get to create your waypoints in the Nether that has never been able to do.

Interesting fact: all types of soul blocks will now have a blue flame. You can even craft torches and campfires with azure fire in MCPE

All in all, the Nether Update has brought desperately needed life to this dimension.



Yes, striders can be mounted with warped fungi.

Hoglins and zoglins are the new animals of the Nether.

Now it’s actually useful. You can use it to get rid of leaves.


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