Bloxnite Map for MCPE

Download the Bloxnite map for Minecraft PE: get the Fortnite experience in this tough sandbox survival.

Bloxnite Map Highlights

Fortnite is one of the most popular games. It’s been trending for quite a while. Now, it’s been brought to the bizarre and cubic world of Minecraft PE, where cruel PVP meets refreshing and uplifting maps.

And the Bloxnite map is a logical outcome of these two games’ combination. Furthermore, it’s a minigame, denoting infinite gameplay with a lot of neverending joy and hilarious PVP moments.


The first thing you’ll probably see is gigantic blue walls that perch to the skies and beyond, meaning you cannot leave some specific area.

This MCPE map is limited and honestly relatively small compared to other similar creations. However, the devil hides in details: there is a plurality of various things to discover and have fun with.

Minecraft PE users are free to visit the railroad station or come over to the ranch. On the other hand, there a nondescript house with precious loot to win the fight.

Furthermore, creators mention the farm is automated, so the crops gather themselves automatically. A moving battle bus is also wandering across Bloxnite map.


Notwithstanding the above statement, your main goal is to eliminate other players and stay alive as long as you can. One must become the only one standing to win the match.

The game starts all over again, then. The show never ends since it’s a minigame map for Minecraft PE.

Luckily, there’s a plethora of buildings, exquisite hidden places, and intriguing short stories burrowing within these old-fashioned but firm constructions.

In conclusion, the Bloxnite map is an excellent PVP map, where you and your friends can gather together to gradually kill each other in a friendly and funny way, of course.

Bloxnite Map
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


Weaponry spawns in chests throughout the map.

There’s no limitation whatsoever.

Just deserted area and nothing more.


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