MCPE 1.19.51

Minecraft PE 1.19.51

Version MCPE 1.19.51 for Android
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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.51 for Android with a working Xbox Live: write text on hanging signs, put books on chiseled bookshelves, and meet exotic animals!

Minecraft PE 1.19.51 Release

There are more changes in the game world, and Minecraft 1.19.51 players can use the maximum opportunities for their game. The developers suggest using camels to travel through deserts and carry objects.

Bamboo wood has become a material for crafting various things. And the chiseled bookshelves received additional properties: they do not trigger Observer blocks anymore.


Every player has had to use signs in the game world at least once. In Minecraft 1.19.51 they can hang such items anywhere, and the information will be noticeable.

By the way, users can create hanging signs from any wood.

For travel along the rivers of the game world, the developers have added a raft. There are chests on board, meaning players can take items on board.


In the villages that are in the desert, Minecraft PE 1.19.51 users can find a camel. This animal will help transport different things, and will also be able to carry two players at once.

It is easier to fight sitting on a camel because the player is higher than the other mobs.

The developers have made this animal model realistic by adding animations of running, jumping, and wiggling ears.


Beautiful bamboo blocks will not only make the house more attractive but will also become a material for making various things in Minecraft 1.19.51: hanging signs, stairs, and floors.

In the Deep Dark, some blocks have also changed. For example, Sculk Shrieker now emits a sound that players will hear even at a distance of 35 blocks.

Mob sounds

Another feature of the game is the ability to listen to the sounds of mobs. To do this, the Minecraft PE 1.19.51 player must put a head on the note block. So far, only a few types of mob heads are available for this.




Write it on a hanging sign.


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