MCPE 1.11.4

Download Minecraft PE 1.11.4 Village & Pillage for free on Android: there are many changes and general improvements.

What is new in MCPE 1.11.4?

Mojang Studios enhances and better the game’s mechanics since its performance is still in adverse conditions.

It turns out MCPE 1.11.4 massively optimizes the game by releasing tweaks and minor fixes. For example, some villagers refused to work correctly.

It was especially fatal on Marketplace maps, where users weren’t able to finish the storyline. Luckily, this critical error has been removed in Minecraft PE 1.11.4.


One of the Village & Pillage update’s most exciting features is raiders that know no mercy and are ready to assault any settlement.

By the way, they cannot be your friends, unfortunately. They are designed to be the bad guys in MCPE 1.11.4.

It appears they usually invade nearby peaceful villages with no reason.

Besides, pillagers murder anyone on their way, including kids.

However, they won’t start the invasion if their leader is alive, which means you are the only one who can start the massacre in Minecraft PE 1.11.4.


The attacks have been ameliorated as well. For instance, the boss bar, which appears during raids too, works appropriately now.

Notwithstanding, the raids themselves are quite hard to beat. There are going to be loads of enemies coming from everywhere in MCPE 1.11.4.

Yet, there is always hope — iron golems can help you fight off the invaders. After all, those guys now spawn in all towns you come across.

Once the raid is over, and villagers’ side won, a player will receive the “Hero of the Village” effect. It allows you to sell stuff at higher prices and buy at lower in Minecraft PE 1.11.4.


By the way, there are new blocks too. This sandbox game is all about survival and exploration. Thus you can now find brand new blocks to build with.

For instance, campfires got its functionality. You use them for cooking four items at the same time in MCPE 1.11.4.

All in all, there is more than a dozen new constructing stuff in the game.



No, you cannot do that.

The raid will disappear in two days.

Sweet berry bushes appear in taigas and tundras.


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