Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: mountain goats improvements, the freezing feature, and more.

What’s new in MCPE

Although Mojang Studios is done with the Nether Update, you can already experience some of the Caves & Cliff Update’s highlights.

However, be sure to turn on Experimental Gameplay in order to let goats, powder snow, and more to break into your game.

Switch on “Caves & Cliffs Features” in the Setting in Minecraft PE


We had powder snow before, but all we could do is to build some contraptions with it. Nonetheless, players were in the dark about its potential.

It turns out the longer you stay in powder snow, the more you freeze, and hence the faster you die in MCPE You should get out as quickly as possible. It works with other mobs as well.

Anyone can get cold and eventually perish. Nevertheless, there’s a way of fighting it. If you or a random zombie wears something leather-made, then you’ll either get cold slowlier or won’t take any freezing damage at all.

As a matter of fact, snowflakes and snowy effects will keep filling your screen once you get stuck in powder snow. That’s how you can tell how much warmth you’ve got in Minecraft PE


On the other hand, mountain goats became a bit wiser. These extravagant creatures no longer jump too high or low. Besides, kids do no jump as far as their parents henceforth.

Plus, goats lose their pathways because of grass or flower in MCPE no more. It was a big problem, despite scarce vegetation in the mounts.

Moreover, billies are smart enough to avoid powder snow. Albeit it was already claimed before, some individuals managed to fall for the trick.

As you can see, Mojang Studios tries its best to make sandbox survival even better.



Just use your bucket, not your shovel.

No, you can’t do it now.

They drop horns to make a raid sound.


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