Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: new blocks, appealing features, charming biomes, and dangerous mobs are now in the game.

What’s new in MCPE

This beta version’s primary goal is to bring stability and get the best possible performance. Mojang achieved it thanks to in-time bug fixes and engaging novations.

For example, players will be able to live in the Nether without a problem. Hoglins are the primary source of food. You do not have to sleep since phantoms are no longer a thing here.

Additionally, users got the ability to set their spawn points with respawn anchors. All in all, MCPE has made the game even more interesting to play.


By the way, now Minecraft PE has new material — netherite. It is more durable than diamonds. Tools and weapons made out of it are better as well.

Furthermore, Mojang made them invincible for the flame and lava, meaning they do not burn in these substances.

But beware: cacti sometimes rougher than lava itself!

To get this marvelous material, you need to find the ancient debris first. In MCPE, they can be found down in the lower levels of the Nether.


There is a new race that is now parading the brand new biomes of the Underground World. Piglins are furious and know no mercy to the players.

Unless you have golden armor, of course. They love gold and everything that is made of it. If a user would like to barter with them, they should wear something golden.

Throw the gold ingot at them to start the trade. Piglins will pick it up and give you something worthy in return. For instance, you can get crying obsidian in Minecraft PE


The Nether Update is a major release and the next step in the game’s development. It means they will be a lot of wrong-functioning things that must be fixed.

Mojang is trying its best to release new bug fixes to solve the most bothersome errors. As an example, some parts of the interface has got a fix concerning the font in MCPE

Overall, the platform must be almost effortless to enjoy.



Striders, piglins, hoglins, and zoglins are the new creatures of the update.

Yes, new trees and tons of other blocks.

It is made of crying obsidian and glowstone dust.


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