Download Disneyland Map for Minecraft PE: have a great time at the most famous amusement park with your friends.

Disneyland Map for MCPE

Any Minecraft PE player will like the maps of the world-famous Disneyland amusement park. This is a great opportunity to visit this amazing place without leaving home. The authors pay great attention to details so that the park is not different from its real prototypes.

Disney Park

The map is a park built in the style of the famous Disneyland with classic entertainment. Here boys can ride a roller coaster and girls can visit Cinderella’s castle.

Minecraft PE players who have visited the park in real life confirm how detailed the Disneyland map is.

Tokyo Disneyland

This map is a prototype of Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. Minecraft PE player should explore two large parks in which many attractions are built at his disposal. The peculiarity of each attraction is that they are all functional.

The player definitely should find and visit the Disneyland Map beautiful park areas:

    • Space Mountain;
    • A scene from the cartoon Beauty and the Beast in Fantasy Land;
    • Jungles;
    • Pink Sea;
    • Adventure Island, etc.

Paris Disneyland

The incredible map of the largest amusement park in Europe will appeal to fans of beautiful locations. This map completely repeats the Paris Disneyland that children and adults from all over the world dream of visiting.

A large area of the Disneyland Map covers almost the entire park with themed locations. In addition to the amusement park, the Minecraft PE player will be able to visit the Disney village, go on an excursion to the Disney Studio, choose a hotel to his taste and even take a ride on the subway.

The map developers claim that they have completely created a real Parisian Disney Land for fans. It took them about five years to do all this. Players can examine the map for a match. They should start with the central square, walk to the roller coaster, visit exhibitions and of course take beautiful photos against the background of interesting objects.

Disney Park
1.1.0 – 1.19.51
Tokyo Disneyland
1.15.0 – 1.19.51
Paris Disneyland
1.16.0 – 1.19.51


In order to install the card, you need to move it to the address games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds.

After you download the file, run it. The map is automatically imported into the game.

Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.


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