Download helicopter mod for Minecraft PE: get a chance to fly swimmingly across your world.

What does the helicopter mod do in MCPE?

First of all, most of these modifications add helicopters and other flying machines, giving you a great choice. Usually, you just get an updated creature that looks like a helicopter.

Nonetheless, thanks to mods, players will get rid of at least one of the game’s main problems. Quite often, we do travel long distances to our second base.

Helicopters or planes should solve this annoying problem for the pro-players.

Helicopter Addon

There regularly are two types of these flying iron creatures — military and civil. Of course, there are cargo ones, but you come across them relatively seldom.

This time, for example, you gotta deal with a fighting helicopter. It damages everything hostile to a player. Additionally, this machinery is quite fast so you won’t ever be late again.

To find it, a player has to venture down to the Nether and find prior blazes. Now they are the helicopters you can mount. Luckily, they do not attack MCPE users.

Helicopter Hunter Addon

Under ArathNidoGamer, this Minecraft PE mod gives you limitless opportunities to travel around your world and not be ashamed by walking on foot.

It works almost the same as the previous one. You mount it and shoot your enemies. Easy-peasy! This time, however, creepers are replaced by them.

It is simpler than ever before to get a helicopter in MCPE.

The best part of it is the storage. You can store your loot inside the plane, meaning your adventures will get even longer.

Plane Mod

This Minecraft PE addon is even more significant than any other. It adds helicopters and airplanes. Obviously, users will be able to ride them.

Some of them have fire attacks. On the other hand, others are more civil since they cannot attack mobs. They have another feature: storage on their back.

MCPE players can store and transport anything very quickly.

All in all, fellow Minecrafters’ lives have become way more relaxed.

Helicopter Addon
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Helicopter Hunter Addon
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Plane mod
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


In MCPE, they are quite fast.

It’s capacity equals to the chest.

Unfortunately, only one user can fit the helicopter in Minecraft PE.


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