Download Minecraft PE Buzzy Bees for free on Android: new update brings something truly epic and exciting to experience.

What’s new in MCPE

The Buzzy Bees update was never even supposed to be a part of the game’s development, but something got into the devs’ minds, and now we have it.

Minecraft PE adds tons of new features that will reinforce gameplay. It ameliorates step by step, update by update it reclaims its ability to present something engaging.


For example, we are about to see fluffy and cute bees fluttering around and harvesting pollen. It will be used to get some gooey liquid called honey.

This substance can be used as a meal to restore the energy you’ve been missing the whole day, eating some rotten flesh and pitiful steaks from a dead cow in MCPE

Now, you can become eco free thanks to bees: no more killing, only flowers.

Bees love them, so you should plant them around your little hut or even build up a whole garden full of daisies and dandelions.


There are new bee-related blocks in Minecraft PE, and you have to admit they are fabulous. Building up something flamboyant will be quite comfortable with them.

For instance, the honeycomb block has a lovely texture, which would perfectly fit literally any design a player would come up with. Besides, the honey block is even better.

It’s not just pretty, but also quite handy. It turns out these blocks are used in engineering: they can move boulders, items, and even pesky mobs with them in MCPE


However, we should pay attention to gameplay improvements as well. Mojang Studios have been working hard to make the game accessible for as many smartphones as possible.

The list of capable phones has increased with the release of Minecraft PE since some minor corrections have been made.

Pestiferous crashes have gone too. It is promised they won’t be making any trouble from on.



Usually, they live in plains near the flowers.

Just tap on a hive or a nest.

No, they are neutral.


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