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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: use bamboo wood as a resource for building, meet camels in the deserts, and try new skins!

What is new in Minecraft

There is much exciting content in Minecraft PE The developers offer players new types of wood. Users also can transport their items on a raft.

Besides, Steve and Alex have friends in the dressing room. There are seven new characters appeared in the game.

New mobs

Users can meet camels in the Minecraft deserts. These animals can move fast and save players from damage during fights, thanks to their long legs.

Two crafters can ride a camel at the same time. Besides, users can tame the mobs and use them as new transport.

By the way, the developers fixed the Vex behavior. They added some changes to its model and texture. The mob has the bigger hitbox, so it is not so hard to beat it.


Minecraft PE players have some new items. The chiseled bookshelf can help to store enchanted books.

Many users have already bored with ordinary signs in the game. The developers offer to write messages on new hanging signs and place them in the world.

Users can create these items from different types of wood.


There is an opportunity to use bamboo wood in Minecraft Players can craft a raft from this material. Besides, it has a chest on a board. So Steve can travel with his stuff.

Bamboo blocks have beautiful textures. So users can build a tropical house from them.

By the way, this resource can serve to craft a hanging sign.

Dressing room

There are seven additional characters in the dressing room.

Minecraft PE players can try new skin instead of Alex and Steve. All of them have unique textures.


The developers improved Minecraft gameplay by fixing some bugs. For instance, there are no more problems with bees leaving their nectar in beehives.



Users can put their enchanted books there.

Players can meet camels there.


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