Download Natural Textures for Minecraft PE: make your game look better and prettier.

How do Natural Textures look like in MCPE?

Natural Textures Pack is a semi-realistic resource pack that completely changes the game.

Although developers were undoubtedly trying to make Minecraft PE look a little more realistic, you can definitely see other styles collisions.

All in all, these kinda medieval-looking textures will please your building and aesthetic desires.

Natural Texture Pack

Under the developer of this fabulous MCPE texture pack, this bundle represents the mix of childish and realistic textures you can find on the Web.

However, this Natural texture is best for someone who cannot choose between different styles. First of all, animals now look way more promising than they did, keeping their cute faces.

Meanwhile, if you go down to the world’s deepest caves, you will surely see some medieval colors dominating there in Minecraft PE.

Natural Textures Pack 2

Another Natural Texture Pack analog introduces the same thing it did previously. Nonetheless, there is a lot of other stuff that hadn’t been changed in the first edition.

Minecraft PE currently looks completely different. Your armor stands, bricks, chests, and workbenches have a brand new look. Even all available food has changed as well.

Carrots, fish, steaks, and porks have updated their appearance to the more genuine one.

Natural Textures Pack 3

Two previous publications were nearly the same, but this extension is distinct. It has more flattering and soft-looking textures. Dynamites, bookshelves, and stone bricks seem to be imported from the Faithful texture pack in MCPE.

Nevertheless, there are still some pragmatic and hardheaded aspects.

Another exciting thing about this resource pack is its compatibility with the latest Minecraft PE versions.

Turtles and corals, pandas and cats, pillagers and villagers, and hoglins are truly perfect now.

Natural Texture Pack
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Natural Texture Pack 2
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Natural Texture Pack 3
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


All building blocks have changed in the game.

No, texture packs only change textures.

Yes, animals and hostile creatures have changed as well.


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