Download commands mod for Minecraft PE: become a real hacker and explore the unknown and complicated part of the game.

What does the commands mod do in MCPE?

These commands and the command blocks have been able to a player for a long time, and only recently did we receive them in Minecraft PE. These addons would be handy only for the old versions.

Yet, there is still a lot to see and explore. For example, some modifications are adding brand new commands you would never see in the vanilla game.

Commands Mod

This addon has been developed by Editor, and according to him, there are now several handy directions you can use to improve your playing experience in MCPE.

First of all, you should try typing /help to get some help, obviously.

A player would see a whole list of different possibilities. For example, you can earn new items quite effortlessly.

All you need to do is to enter the /give command in the chat. Evidently, the /heal command would restore the player’s life points. Luckily, you do not have to pay for these conveniences in Minecraft PE.

You can also turn on speed, set fire, and change your gamemode in the game without even touching the map’s settings. It is perfect for everyone who is having problems with the original game.

Perhaps, the best command for griefing is the /explode request, which clearly blows everything up around an MCPE user.

X Commands Mod

Under the addon’s author, there are sixty-four different commands you can use to bring your rule to the world you’ve created. All of them are excellent for building a lot and other stuff.

For instance, there is a command to set the spawn point or the weather. Users even get to teleport to some specific coordinates.

By the way, there is also an ability to clean the chat, zoom in or out the FOV, and much more.

Altogether, Minecraft PE users are getting more opportunities to define their gameplay.

Commands Mod
0.10.0 – 1.19.51
X Commands Mod
0.12.0 – 1.19.51


No, you can only use commands in chat.

Just type /help command.

If they installed this addon, they certainly can.


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