Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: many things have changed and added to the game.

What is new in MCPE

Mojang Studios finally revealed the release date of the Nether Update. Piglins, hoglins, new biomes, and the netherite will officially arrive in the game on the 23 of June 2020.

We can expect brand new songs composed by Lena Reine and a music disc too. By the way, now you can successfully survive in the Nether in Minecraft PE

Players don’t have to go to the Overworld to get some supplies. Everything you need can now be found down here.
For instance, hoglins are your food source.


First of all, there are currently five biomes in Minecraft PE Crimson Forest is a lovely place where most of the new animals live. Soul Sand Valley is another deadly place.

There is also Basalt Deltas and Nether Void.

The last one is a previous general biome of that underground place. Moreover, the Nether Update adds a few unique creatures.

Striders, for example, are rather graceful compared to the others. Piglins are quite dangerous, but you can come along using anything golden in MCPE


Mojang Studios have combined the fifteenth and the sixteenth versions into one with two purposes in mind. Firstly, Minecraft PE now matches the title with the Java Edition.

Secondly, the fifteenth update was all about fixes. Now, these little enhancements have become more prominent. The game’s performance has ameliorated as well.

It means more devices will be capable of running the game without pesky crashes and lags in MCPE


Another critical aspect of the update is servers. They’ve been feeling bad lately. Players could not log in to their Microsoft Accounts, and other issues were popping out.

Well, Minecraft PE is promised to be the solution to those problems.

Perhaps, the game will finally be playable for literally everyone.



On 23rd of June 2020 the Nether Update is going to come out.


It is usually find in the lower levels of the Nether.


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