Download the Nuke mod for Minecraft PE: enormous power of destruction is now in the player’s hands.

What does the Nuke Mod add to MCPE?

One of the most fun things about Minecraft PE is either destroying or building everything you want. If you don’t like that mountain, you can easily remove it.

However, it’s quite complicated to do in both Creative and Survival modes. Even a TNT cannot help you with massive terraforming.

Luckily for griefers, addon creators have introduced something genuinely exploding.

Nukes PE Addon

According to the mod’s author, he’s decided to add real nuclear weapons when he realized an ordinary TNT was not fulfilling his expectations in MCPE.

Now, users have got the power to smash the world into little pieces since there are fissionable TNT blocks in the game now. You can get them quite quickly but beware of their ability of massive destruction.

Unfortunately, you can’t find this all-mighty weapon in Survival, which is suitable for servers since ordinary peasants would destroy every piece of ground in Minecraft PE.

Once set, the thermonuclear bomb will damage buildings and creatures in a fifty blocks radius. That will evidently happen if you place only one block of it at the same time.

No one stops you from putting dozens of TNTs close to each other. Now, the explosion they would create is unimaginable and drastically immense.

A large city can be destroyed in no time if you set a few nuclear missiles around it in MCPE.

Nuke Addon

The most exciting thing about this modification is nuclear creepers. Those guys can blow up an entire building in Minecraft PE. You should be aware of them since they are as often sight as typical creepers.

Nevertheless, there are also atomic explosives that you can use to annihilate anything you want. Luckily, this addon allows you to do it.

Generally, these addons will let your destructive desires cherish.

Nukes PE Addon
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Nuke Addon
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


You can obtain it through Creative inventory.

Yes, if you have admin powers.

It depends on your devices.


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