Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: tons of new features, like mobs, generation enhancements, blocks, and items.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios are finally finishing things up with the Nether Update. We already know about Minecon Live, which will be held on October 3rd.

It means soon enough, players will get information concerning the next massive update. However, before that, we have little bug fixes and a rather significant optimization in Minecraft PE

New woods and long-forgotten Soulsand valleys filled with skeletons and ghast now act slightly less frustrating to your device.

Moreover, gruesome-looking hoglins and not so friendly piglins have become better. It turns out Mojang Studios has changed their behavior packs.

Therefore you may expect more comprehensive acting.


There is no such an update of this sandbox game that does not have blocks or anything building related. MCPE is no exception, and thus there is some exciting stuff.

For instance, there is a Blackstone. It’s a block, which can be found throughout the Nether. Nonetheless, it usually spawns in scary-looking and rather dangerous structures called Piglin Bastions.

Like any other block in Minecraft PE, a Blackstone has a variety of different variations. Pillars, smooth bricks, simple bricks, etc.


Obviously, developers did not forget to add some bizarre creatures, like Striders. Those cuboid-shaped mobs spawn right in lava pools across the Nether.

They love to swim there, and players can use it as an advantage. It seems like you can mount them in MCPE using a saddle and a stick with mushroom.

We must point out Striders hate it when they are not in lava, so you can travel on them only through lava. Trigger them using mushrooms to speed them up.

As you can see, Minecraft PE has become more engaging to explore and challenging to beat.



No, you cannot tame them, but players are able to trade with them.

Yes, there is a netherite ore and Nether Gold ores.

No, they are ever-hostile beasts.


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