Download Mario mod for Minecraft PE: famous enemies and allies, blocks, and items from the popular game series.

What does Mario Mod add to MCPE?

Mario is one of the most well-known characters in the gaming industry. It first appeared in the 1980s and earned the reputation of one of the most famous games ever released.

That’s why loads of other games include him or creatures you may come across in those games to their own. Minecraft PE was no exception.

MCPE content makers have worked hard implementing Mario texture and resource packs, fantastic adventure maps, and modifications.

Now, happy players are ready to experience the unexpected ventures of a plumber.


The Super Mario Mod adds a few blocks you can use to build up some Mario-related with parkour and other stuff. According to the developers, nine new and epic blocks are now in Minecraft PE.

It means we’ve got a plethora of things to construct with. All of them have Mario themed textures, so they look authentic and all. However, there are also sиx functional blocks.

You could use the previous nine as decorative, but those are designed to push the boundaries.

Emerald block is used as the level starting point, Redstone — its end.

A gold block is a coin you can collect to spend later on in MCPE. Mushroom block can be used to increase a player’s jump height. By the way, spikes damage you, and flags work as checkpoints in the game.

So, given the blocks we have now, it’s sure to say players have got everything they wanted to build complex maps with tricky traps and literally anything that comes to the maker’s mind.


Besides, the addon authors claim they’ve created a demo map specifically originated to demonstrate the mod’s possibilities in Minecraft PE.

They combine lava and new-added spikes to form obstacles on your way. Of course, no Mario game has no coins, so there are tons of them in MCPE.

Castle bricks and mushroom jumpers are making it look similar to the original games.

Mario Mod
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


No, you cannot do that.

Yes, it can definitely be used on servers.


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