MCPE 1.2.3

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.3 Better Together for free on Android: cross-platform gameplay, a lot of significant changes, and banners with stained glass.

What’s new in MCPE 1.2.3?

Mojang Studios are bringing new blocks with Minecraft PE 1.2.3. One of these blocks is flags and banners.


Sheep have nearly always been the most important species in the game: they give wool you need to make a bed and meat for you to eat.

However, their valuable wool has now become even more demanded. It seems banners are made of six blocks of wool in MCPE 1.2.3.

Don’t forget about a stick: you’ll need one to make your guild’s flag. Developers have created an acute system where users can assemble multiple dozens of patterns on their emblems.

It’s all made on a workbench with different dyes and their positions. Minecraft PE 1.2.3 even allows putting a creeper head or Mojang Studios emblem on your flag.

Stained Glass & Jukeboxes

Another fancy decorative block is stained glass. You can make all sixteen variations of this object thanks to numerous dyes in the game.

Moreover, MCPE 1.2.3 users are free to make panels out of it. Churches, temples, and many other holy places are usually adorned with these.

There’s also a jukebox, a fancy mechanism that plays music and cheers everyone up. Notwithstanding the joy, jukeboxes are hard to assemble.

It seems you need a diamond and eight wooden planks to make one in Minecraft PE 1.2.3. Furthermore, one will also require music discs to insert in the jukebox.

You’ll find these antiques throughout the world: in dungeon chests, minecarts, and other places. One even drops when a creeper is shot down by a skeleton.

Generally, there are twelve unique recordings in MCPE 1.2.3 with their own stylish mood, genre, and timbre.v



No, you cannot since it will poison them.

Yes, they imitate everyone around them.

They have only four Health Points.


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