Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: jumpy mountain goats, loads of snow, and bug fixes.

What’s new in MCPE

Generally, this tiny bug-fixing update is to improve a few of the game’s aspects. However, there’s still a lot to see.

For instance, Minecraft PE players got a new mischievous mob. Moreover, villains will be pleased as well since there’s a new way to create traps now.

Talking in general, Mojang Studios keeps working on the Nether Update in order to enhance all the existing issues in the game.

Bug fixes and options

Firsts of all, for the first time, users finally get to control the Music settings more accurately.

If there were only Music and Master Volume priorly, there are Ambient/Environment, Music, Sounds, Blocks, Hostile and Hostile Creatures, Players, Jukebox, and Weather controls.

It all means more supervision over sounds in MCPE will let the players customize their gameplay the way they would like.

There are also Ray Tracing improvements making it more comprehensive and vivid on most of the devices.


Mojang Studios began working on the Caves & Cliffs update for quite a while now. Now, they are finally ready to release the first its features.

Farmers will be pleased to hear goats are to appear on top of the mountain ranges in Minecraft PE However, developers did point out these mobs will not be mountable ever.

As of MCPE, all we can do is to trigger them to get their horns. These items are used to make the raid sounds.
Goats are usually friendly, but if any mob gets too close, they’ll boost anyone off the cliff.

Powder snow

Vicious men and women worldwide, especially the high mount inhabitants, have got another way of making players suffer.

Minecraft PE features powder snow. It is not a concrete block, which means anyone can fall through it.

You can build traps with it, but leather boots players are immune to them. Leather is too light to let the user stumble.



They spawn naturally in mountains.

It can be obtained using Silk Touch.

It look quite the same as usual snow.


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