Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: a variety of game-changing bug fixes and additions.

MCPE Highlights

Mojang Studios keep improving its creation making it more stable and enjoyable all the time. Recently, we’ve been focused on the more troubling aspects of the game.

Hence you may expect some evident enhancements in the gameplay and general experience across all platforms in Minecraft PE


Developers have dedicated their time fixing those issues related to multiplayer. It seems some specific players have had trouble joining several servers.

Mojang Studios made it clear that everyone willing to enter any server is now able to it in MCPE It includes user-owned Realms.

Obviously, you must log in to your Microsoft Account to get all Xbox Live benefits. Additionally, the Founder’s Cape is once again available for everyone in the store.

You can find it in the same spot as previously. Its disappearance was a technical mistake fixed in Minecraft PE

Piglins & Hoglins

When the Nether Update was first announced, developers swore to add a mutual and self-dependent flora and fauna in this dimension.

Consequently, Piglins and Hoglins were added to the game, and they depend on each other. As a matter of fact, they can live peacefully in MCPE

Nonetheless, users may sometimes witness the cruel hunting process of Piglins. If succeeded, piglins dance peculiarly, but once outnumbered, they flee like chickens.

Furthermore, Hoglins are the only food source in the Nether, so players will most likely join the hunt as well.


Luckily for all zoologists, devs introduced another unique mob. This time it’s a goat. It is usually neutral. Nonetheless, do not provoke it.

As a matter of fact, this highland creature is capable of protecting itself in Minecraft PE Anyone who dares to get too close will eventually fly off the cliff.

Besides, where there are goats, there is powder snow. MCPE’s another block with rather spectacular features has been presented.



This mob usually inhabit Crimson Forests.

Pig-like creature are rather common in the Nether woods.

They dwell in mountains.


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