Vampire Mod for MCPE

Download the Vampire mod for Minecraft PE: become the horrifying creature of the night.

What can you do in Vampire Mod for MCPE?

Vampires are horrid-looking folklore creatures that spread horror and fear throughout the neighborhood. They live in gloomy dismal castles with no living soul within kilometers around them.

Vampires are as frequent and famous in modern media as other undead beings like zombies and werewolves. However, Minecraft PE has no vampires whatsoever.

Mojang Studios does not even plan to add those monstrosities any time soon. Luckily, we’ve got the Internet and numerous mod makers releasing their projects almost every day.

Vampire mods are as popular as Lamias themselves. It means it will be no problem for you to the best one.

Haughty Bloodsuckers

This MCPE addon introduces real vampires that will be out there in the wilderness looking for some blood bags or players.

Beware, though: they are legit tough to beat. However, you must understand there are multiple types of them. It makes the Overworld an even more horrible place to live in.

A casual vampire will deal seven points of damage if you fall for one. These spawn only at night, so you should better build a pleasant and protected shelter till dusk.

Minecraft PE ordinary vampires are rapid, and there’s no way you can possibly run away from them, especially when a jolt of lightning strikes them.

It seems that they turn into Dracula. This is a more sophisticated and profound version of normal bloodsuckers.

All these minions of death are afraid of the light and drop wine cups with their teeth. You can use these items to craft something epic and handy in MCPE.


Notwithstanding, every creature that walks the Earth has its weak points. In our case, Draculas cannot stand sharp wooden sticks — or stakes.

If you manage to fabricate one on the first day, you are more or less guarded and have the gear to fight off the henchmen of darkness in Minecraft PE.

A stake is made of one stick and an iron ingot. It deals six damage, which makes it as strong as an iron sword.

Villager Mod
1.14.0 – 1.19.51


Yes, you can but will deal less damage.

You can craft a unique sword.


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