Golem Mod for MCPE

Download Golem Mod for Minecraft PE: go to the village to get acquainted with new varieties of rural defenders who have become stronger and harder.

What is interesting in Golem Mod?

As everyone knows, villages in Minecraft Bedrock are often attacked. During the day it can be robbers, and at night zombies. To protect the local population, the developers have introduced rural guards into the game.

As a rule, they walk peacefully through the territory of the settlement and, if necessary, can engage in a fight with any enemy who decides to attack civilians. Golem Mod will add diversity to the appearance and capabilities of these creatures.


Thanks to this addition for Golem Mod, 10 new types of these creatures will appear in the cubic world at once. Some individuals, such as the Forgotten One or the Grape One, will be hostile towards the players, so it is worth preparing in advance for a meeting with them.

One of the strongest in Minecraft PE will be a Snow Golem, it lives in the mountains and has a healthy reserve of 140 units. But the Grass can boast neither speed nor strength, such a creature lives on the plains.

But the Obsidian Defender received the most strength. He is distinguished by a black color and is much larger than an ordinary individual.


Even more, creatures will be added by this update for Golem Mod. New individuals will appear all over the cubic world. Special attention should be paid to Hulk Golem, which is very similar to the world-famous character.

Magma and Lava species will appear among the defenders, which can pass through fire and boiling liquid. A non-merit mob differs in that it has 4 times more power than an ordinary individual.

But the Titanium one will be useful to the player that it will be possible to get parts for crafting very strong armor from it. Thus, Minecraft PE players will be able not only to diversify the gameplay but also to create new items that will be useful in the process of survival.

Golem Plus
1.14.0 - 1.19.51
More Golems
1.16.0 - 1.19.51


Download the file and open it in your Minecraft PE.

Make sure that the experimental game mode is activated.

Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.


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