MCPE 1.12.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.12.0 Village & Pillage for free on Android: this update re-adds the camera block, introduces new game rules and sounds.

MCPE 1.12.0 Highlights

Mojang Studios keeps adding missed Village & Pillage Update features to the game.

However, Minecraft PE 1.12.0 is mostly about bug fixes and general improvements.

Yet, there’s still a lot to see and experience in the game. For example, there are new commands and a block.
All in all, you won’t get bored any time sooner.


The most notable addition in MCPE 1.12.0 is the console requests. Developers have increased their number, which allows users to be more creative when it comes to contraptions.

For example, there is a spawnradius gamerule used to specify the area where players can spawn. It will be handy on public servers where spawnpoints were always different.

Minecraft PE 1.12.0 also separates vanilla items from addon ones. It turns out “Minecraft” prefixes have appeared in the game. All in-game content will be marked by that cognomen.

On the other hand, other items, new blocks, and weapons have the titles of their addon names.

Users are now capable of summoning particles in MCPE 1.12.0. Use the /particle command to convene them. Fortunately, the sandbox survival game has loads of different jots.


By the way, there are now extra splashes in the game. Like “All blocks covered” or “What’s the question?”. Devs introduced over a dozen of dashes in Minecraft PE 1.12.0.

Furthermore, bamboo and seagrass now have textures that match the Java Edition of the game. Barrels have got their own section in the Creative inventory.

Priorly, they were merged with chests.

Notwithstanding, cartography tables and lecterns have absolutely new UI in MCPE 1.12.0.

One of the most thrilling things about this renewal is the autofill option for command blocks. It means you no longer have to remember commands precisely — they’d autofill themselves.



It’s automatically on in the game.

Unfortunately, you cannot do it.


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