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Minecraft – What’s new?

Developers from Mojang Studios never cease to delight their players with continuing the Caves & Cliffs update. This time they released Minecraft First of all, it is worth noting the change in a generation. This makes the transitions between biomes more realistic and smoother.

Render dragon

The developers from Mojang Studios decided to test the new graphics features in Minecraft They added the Render Dragon graphics engine to the game, which can significantly change the game.

Stony peaks

It is a new biome that looks like snow-capped peaks. But instead of snow, the player will see a large amount of stone and graphy here. This was done to avoid abrupt transitions between biomes.


Candles are quite an interesting innovation in Minecraft They emit large amounts of light. It should be noted that the player has the ability to place four lights at once on the same block. Also, the user can install a candle on the cake. In this way, you can arrange holidays.

To craft this item, the player needs a honeycomb and a string. Honeycomb is obtained by using scissors on a bee nest. When crafting, the player receives a regular candle. After that, he can paint it with dyes. To do this, it is enough to combine this item with the corresponding dye in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Amethyst Geode

While traveling through caves in Minecraft, the player may stumble upon a rather large structure. It will be a purple ball with a white glow. This structure is called the amethyst geode. It consists of three layers: outer, middle, and inner. The outer layer is composed of smooth basalt.

Calcite, on the other hand, forms the basis of the middle layer. And finally, the inner layer contains amethyst blocks, flower buds, and blooming amethysts. You can get it with anyone, anything – even your hand.


Another great innovation in Minecraft is the spyglass. This item allows the player to explore the surrounding area at a fairly long distance.

Crafting a telescope requires two copper ingots and a shard of amethyst. You can get a copper ingot by smelting copper ore. It generates at about the same height as iron ores.



They are made of rabbit hides and a string.

Use honeycomb and a string.

They spawn all throughout the world.


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