MCPE 1.5.1

Download Minecraft PE 1.5.1 Update Aquatic for free on Android: turtles, bubble columns, the conduit and its power, numerous changes, and more.

MCPE 1.5.1 Features

Mojang Studios makes the next step by releasing Phase Two of the Update Aquatic. All users can now play with real marine turtles that sometimes lay eggs in Minecraft PE 1.5.1


One of the most thrilling things about this release is the underwater conduit. This extraordinary item can give you unlimited power while in water.

How to get it

Nevertheless, it is quite tricky to obtain. First of all, you must sail away to the far distances in search of the treasure chests.

The easiest way to do it in MCPE 1.5.1 is to find a dolphin, feed it some raw fish, explore a shipwreck, get the treasure map, and finally use your shovel to dig it up.

The Heart of the Sea will be there: you need it to craft the conduit. Now, you should either kill dozens of drowned zombies or trade with a Travelling Merchant.

You need to possess eight nautilus shells. All that’s left is to combine those with the Heart in Minecraft PE 1.5.1.

How to activate it

Your next step is to assault the Underwater Temple and get some prismarine blocks. Users should own at least 16 blocks.

Once received, build a sphere around your conduit. All of it must be performed underwater. Now, it should be working. It gives Night Vision, Underwater Breathing, and an ability to mine quickly in the water.

All hostile mobs will be receiving enormous damage near the construction in MCPE 1.5.1.


Furthermore, Mojang Studios changed some old features to make it up-to-date. For instance, zombies now turn into Drowned if they are sunk for a long time.

On the other hand, you can now ride a Skeleton Horse underwater in Minecraft PE 1.5.1. Besides, all undead mobs can no longer swim. They will sink down.

Moreover, blue ice got a bit more slippery, and the top kelp texture has changed.



It varies from 32 to 96 blocks.

Simply build more prismarine blocks around the conduit core.

Yes, you get the effect if you’re under rain.


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