Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android: there are bubble columns that can drag you down and push all the way up.

What’s new in MCPE

Generally speaking, there’s a lot of exciting things to experience and try out in Minecraft PE since most of them are related to marine stuff like oceans and rivers.


Bubble columns are another fantastic opportunity to create elevators in the game and spread danger throughout oceans since they generate naturally.

If you ride a boat or swim on your own and come across these evil bubbles, know they can drag you down and drown. Even boats won’t help you out in MCPE

Moreover, users are free to make their own bubbles and even use them for their own purposes. You’ll need to find some magma and soul sand blocks.

Columns made of magma will pull you down, while soul sand ones will eventually throw you out on land.

Turtle Eggs

On the other hand, Minecraft PE also features quite a critical addition — turtle eggs. It appears this reptile’s way of breeding is absolutely different than what we’ve ever seen before.

Tortoise lay eggs indeed like in real life. Furthermore, you’ll have to protect them. Zombies, skeletons, ocelots, wolves, and zombie pigmen will try to crack and snack them.

Yet, there’s a reason for you to guard them as much as you’ve never shielded anything before. MCPE players will get scutes they can utilize to make an awe-giving helmet.


Baby turtles drop scutes when they grow up, but you’ll have to make that happen first. Turtle Shells are made of five scutes and can be worn as a helmet that lets you breathe underwater.

However, one is free to brew a potion out of a tortoise’s drop. Turtle Master Beverage gives you slowness but also protection in Minecraft PE

Generally, chelonians are handy creatures if you defend them.



Use magma and soul sand blocks underwater to lift you up and down.

They generate in undersea ravines.


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