Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: walk through Dripstone caves, find aquifers, use commands and learn all the game secrets!

What’s added to Minecraft PE

In the Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs Update Part 2, the Mojang team worked with the crashes that occur in the game. The developers also refined the gameplay and fix a lot of minor bugs.
The behavior of mobs has received some changes, as well as commands.


As the players know, many new biomes have appeared inside the Minecraft game world. The developers continue to add new territories. New landscape comes into the existing terrain as natural as possible.

Among the biomes full of useful blocks can, it is worth noting Dripstone caves. It is easy to find copper ore there, as well as assess the scale of these structures. In such caves you can see aquifers, which are unusual reservoirs.

Hostile mobs can live in aquifers, so it’s worth exploring these places with caution.


Several species of frogs live on the territory of Minecraft PE Their color depends on the biome where the individual was born. By the way, users can breed frogs using slime blocks.

To give the frog the opportunity to reproduce, it is necessary to feed it with slime block. The development team has made some additions to the existing mobs. For example, shalkers no longer occupy a block if a similar creature is already present on it.

Blocks and items

Many players have already used unusual sculk blocks in Minecraft But also there is a decorative froglight, which can be in three colors.

To get these blocks, you need to feed the frogs with magma cubes.

Other changes

Mojang Studio pays great attention to the technical component of the game. In the Minecraft PE, the developers fixed the command errors, and also added a new /loot for inserting loot.



The blocks are decorative elements.

It depends on the frog’s native biome.

Shalkers no longer occupy a block if a similar creature is already present on it.


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