MCPE 1.4.2

Download Minecraft PE 1.4.2 Update Aquatic for free on Android: new oceans, real dolphins, and tridents can now be found in the game.

What’s new in MCPE 1.4.2?

Mojang Studios announced yet another update for its beloved sandbox survival. It turns out they are now working hard on the game’s oceans.

Henceforth you may expect to see entirely different water sources. Even little lakes and brooks have been overhauled in Minecraft PE 1.4.2.


Since there are warm oceans where corals thrive and cherish, users got more vibrant blocks to build with. For instance, corals come in five distinct variants: brain, fire, tube, horn, and bubble.

You can get those only by using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. However, players are able to place corals only underwater in MCPE 1.4.2.

Otherwise, these marine living beings will dry out and turn gray. Moreover, there are also some Coral Blocks that also have five different options.

Besides, coral fans can be found on the bottom of warm oceans as well. All give blocks can be obtained via Silk Touch.


Interestingly, there is also kelp. It generates in all known oceans of Minecraft PE 1.4.2 and even in rivers and lakes of all sizes.

As a matter of fact, kelp grows multiple blocks high and can be riped using bare hands. Kelp is used in a furnace to get dried kelp, which is food.

On the other hand, players may craft kelp blocks out of it and use them as fuel in MCPE 1.4.2. Besides, kelp is one of the few animated blocks in the game.

Seagrass and pickles

Vast and free oceans of Minecraft PE 1.4.2 now has lots to offer to a casual player. For instance, seagrass spreads atop the bottom of all water spaces.

Nevertheless, sea pickle can be found only in the warm tropical waters. You can find it quite easily since it glows in the dark.

You can stack it up to four pickles in one block and smelt it into a lime dye in MCPE 1.4.2. Generally, the game’s water aspect has been updated quite drastically.



You can build a whole aquarium at home.

You cannot tame dolphins.

Try feeding a dolphin a raw fish and it’ll bring you right to the nearest shipwrec


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