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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: play new sounds using mob heads and note blocks, try bamboo raft, and much more!

What is new in Minecraft

There have been some improvements in the game: the developers have fixed the position of Allay and Vex when they sit in boats, changed the touch controls, and much more.

Many useful blocks are still available to users in Minecraft PE Among them is a beautiful bamboo wood, which is suitable for both construction and crafting things.


The deserted villages are inhabited by animals that can become real friends for Minecraft players. They can run and jump over blocks. Camels carry not only passengers but also objects. By the way, this unique animal can become a transport for two users.

There are changes regarding Alley and Vex. These mobs, being in boats or minecarts, now have the correct position.


The chiseled bookshelf will be excellent storage of enchanted books for the Minecraft PE player. By the way, there is an option that allows you to know about the movements of books.
Players can now place the text on a new variant of signs that they can hang. Besides, bamboo is a good resource to create such an item.


Bamboo blocks are convenient to use to create house elements, for example, stairs. You can also create a beautiful bamboo floor.

There is a unique bamboo transport in Minecraft – a raft on which you can even put a chest.

The developers have eliminated the problem that arose with the campfires. These blocks began to cause damage to users, and the game authors decided to change this.

Mob sounds

The heads of some mobs can be used to listen to sounds in Minecraft PE The head must be on the note block. At the moment, this option is only available for some mobs, for example, zombies and Ender dragon.



Use mob heads and note blocks.

Its functions are the same as boats.

Players can store books there.


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