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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: use recipes with improved bamboo blocks, listen to the mob sounds, and put enchanted books on chiseled shelves!

What is new in Minecraft

The game authors’ team improved the virtual world by adding some details and fixes. Several mob textures have changed, and the functionality of items in Minecraft PE has increased.


Chiseled shelves allow players to store enchanted books inside. The developers have added to Minecraft the ability to remove the book while holding it in hand.

By the way, users can remove items from the shelves in special slots.

Bamboo blocks

Beautiful bamboo textures have been updated. Their lighting matches the rest of Minecraft PE blocks. Planks from this material can be used in any recipe where wood is needed.

Bamboo blocks can be used to make steps, fences, floors, and much more. And players can also use new wood for crafting a hanging sign or a raft. Besides, this transport can have a chest on it.

Mob sounds

In Minecraft, it is possible to listen to the sounds of some creatures by putting their heads on note blocks. In this update, the sounds of the Ender Dragon have become quieter.

Jukeboxes now correctly adjusts the sounds of mobs’ heads, so there will be no problems in listening.

At the moment, MCPE players can only use the heads of a few creatures for this. For example, creeper, piglin, zombie, and several others.


Camels, which began to perform the function of transport for players in the game, received updates in Minecraft PE Users can now put a saddle on this animal with the help of a dispenser.

Besides, dispensers can equip tamed horses, mules, donkeys, pigs, and striders.

The Vex textures have also changed: now they look more like the Java Edition.



A player should hold a book in a hand.

Players should put mob head on a note block.


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