Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: mountain goats, powder snow, several technical improvements, etc.

What’s new in MCPE

Generally, all the latest updates are about bug fixes and gameplay optimization. This release is no exception, but there is also something new and exciting in Minecraft PE


Nether Update introduced a variety of quirky sounds and effects. Some of them are loud, some are not, but the problem was that you could not control it.

Players had only two options to customize: Sound and Music. On the other hand, MCPE features completely overhauled sound settings.

If Piglins and Hoglins are grunting too loud, turn down Mobs. If the Noteblocks and Jukeboxes are making too much noise, then deal with Music Blocks.

As you can see, Minecraft PE has got more comfortable to control when it comes to sound effects.


Mojang Studios is ready to unleash the outstanding potential of the Caves & Cliffs update. As a matter of fact, there is already something jumpy, proud, and funky in a way.

It turns out MCPE presents goats to the game. This quite odd mob inhabits the pikes up there in the mountains. You can find them only there.

Therefore users got more reasons to explore these howling and frozen lands. Moreover, you can even milk goats if there is no cow around.

Powder Snow

Minecraft PE has another block to show off. Powder Snow is one of the mountains’ exclusive features to come in the next update.

It’s a bit different from ordinary snow. It seems stable, but in reality, you fall through it. Hence it will play a significant role in mischievous contraptions.

Nonetheless, there’s always a solution to everything. Wearing leather boots in MCPE will allow you to walk on powder snow.

Besides, there’s now a reason to craft something made of leather, except for books.



They spawn in the mountains.

No, it is not yet updated.

Use buckets to do it successfully.


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