MCPE 1.16.101

Download Minecraft PE 1.16.101 Nether Update for free on Android: dozens of fixes, improvements, goats, and powder snow.

MCPE 1.16.101 Features

Minecraft PE 1.16.101 Nether Update has loads of highlights. Each part of this release is filled with various deep content mechanics.

Generally, developers keep working on the game’s optimization. They are trying to solve the majority of existing bugs and issues leading to lags.

Vanilla Parity

One of the predominant things about the latest update is version parity. It turns out Java and Bedrock editions are a bit different from each other.

However, Mojang Studios aims to achieve ultimately the same gaming experience. Therefore making both releases the same is their priority in MCPE 1.16.101.

For instance, players will now be able to build portals out of basalt. It seems it got harder now, so ghasts cannot break it anymore.


Moreover, Minecraft PE 1.16.101 even made this Nether block harder to break for the players as well. It takes a bit more time now.

On the other hand, the most important trophy, a Dragon egg, now drops itself when hit by an explosion.

Earlier, this block could have been lost forever. MCPE 1.16.101 fixes this teensy problem swimmingly.


Furthermore, Mojang Studios could not forget about the new vegetation in the updated Nether. For instance, there are quite lush woods now. Crimson Forest features an entirely red-colored biome with a unique vibe.

Piglins and hoglins usually live there. Sometimes they start the hunt and if succeeded these pig-like mobs dance cheerfully in Minecraft PE 1.16.101.

Additionally, players will also visit Soulsand Valley and Basalt Deltas. Both of these places are hot and dangerous. Skeletons, ghasts, and magma cubes inhabit them.


MCPE 1.16.101 also adds Striders. These hairy and skinny mobs live in lava pools all across the Nether. You can even mount them using a saddle and a stick with a mushroom.

The more you feed a strider, the faster it travels. Generally, they can boost you up quite much, so don’t miss a chance to ride them.



It now appears within the capes tab.

These creatures usually appear in Crimson Forest.

No, you can only mount it.


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