MCPE 1.16.40

Download Minecraft 1.16.40 Nether Update for free on Android: general gameplay improvements, tons of bug fixes, and a lot more in the last release.

What’s new in MCPE 1.16.40?

First of all, Minecraft PE 1.16.40 is about many things, but its primary goal is to fix annoying bugs and despicable crashes that could occur during a playthrough.

Additionally, Mojang Studios was working hard on optimizing its updated graphic engine. Now, lags are way less ordinary and more likely to be described as seldom.

Furthermore, developers also focused on bringing all Java features to Bedrock and vice versa. That’s why MCPE 1.16.40 has a few behavioral changes.

For instance, dolphins will eventually weaken in two minutes. They were too robust priorly. Moreover, our friends, turtles, will now produce some specific sounds when laying eggs.

Generally, Minecraft 1.16.40 turned the game into something better and more sophisticated.


By the way, one of the most vital parts of this update is Microsoft Account bug fixing. It turns out many have had tons of issues with logging in Xbox Live services.

These services are playing a largely essential role in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.40 core mechanics. You cannot play online or with your friend without connecting to Microsoft servers.

Therefore this mistake was so crucial for many. Luckily, it’s been fixed in that update. Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 players will appreciate it for sure. They had the most meddlesome issues with it.

Blocks and others

Moreover, the new chain blocks can now be placed horizontally. Thus building possibilities are now even broader in Minecraft PE 1.16.40.

We had only one type of fire beforehand, but we can now get a blue fire thanks to the Nether Update. The only difference is its inability to melt ice blocks.

All in all, this update has improved and fixed many troublesome aspects.



You cannot do it, but you are able to ride it.

Use a stick with a mushroom to make it move and don’t forget about the saddle.

Yes, they are hostile and will attack the player at any circumstances.


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