Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: Axolotl, Deepslate, Lichens, Big Dripleaf, Spore Blossom, and more!

What’s new in MCPE

The developers at Mojang Studios continue to surprise their players with innovations from the Caves & Cliffs Update. For example, this time they added a new plant species, which is found in caves. Also, the developers have worked on fixing bugs.

Axolotl and Deepslate

Now in Minecraft PE, the player has allies in the underwater space – axolotls. They attack hostile mobs underground, they can pretend to be dead.

If you kill the mob with which the axolotl fought, you can get the regeneration effect. In addition, a new type of stone can now be used in the game – deep slates.

Glowing Lichens

As previously noted, glowing lichens have appeared in Minecraft PE This type of plant spreads along the walls of caves. The peculiarity of these lichens is that they illuminate a small area around them.

Thus, another light source has appeared in the underworld in MCPE Also, with the help of bone meal, you can accelerate the spread of luminous lichens. They can also be composted.

Big Dripleaf

The next interesting innovation and plant in Minecraft PE is the dripleaf. This innovation will especially appeal to parkour lovers. A dripleaf’s leaf has an interesting feature: it flexes over time.

This feature can be used in parkour. The player can stand on the leaf of this plant for 1.5 seconds, after which it begins to bend. After another 0.5 seconds, the leaf drops completely and the player falls.

Cave Vine

In the underworld in MCPE, the player may notice cave vines. Unlike other vines, you cannot climb cave vines. There are glow berries on cave vines. They emit a small amount of light and can be eaten, but they add very little to satiety.


This block in Minecraft PE exists in two forms: a whole block and a mossy carpet. A block of moss can be obtained with any tool. Grass grows on it, and other things. A block of moss can be used to create a mossy mat, which can be used as a carpet.

Spore Blossom

In Minecraft PE, you can come across another interesting plant: spore blossom. Spore blossom can only be placed on the bottom edge of any block. This plant looks pretty and emits beautiful particles.



You can’t make, but find it.

Use buckets to grab it.

No, you cannot ride a goat.


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