Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: explore the terrain of the Dark Depths, use Sculk blocks, and beware of Warden.

What’s new in Minecraft

A new test version of Minecraft PE has been released for Android phones. Here, the developers from Mojang have made many changes to the gameplay and added new chips to the game.


The Minecraft PE developers refine Warden every time. His functionality has expanded even further: he is not afraid of lava and water, and can safely dive into them.

If it he is in water or any other liquid, he disappears and loses the sound and visual animation.

If he is in the process of digging, he will not be able to push a player as he used to. His powers have become even more strong: for each attack, he increases rage by 100 units.

Spectator Mode

In the Spectator Mode, the Minecraft PE player can now breathe anywhere. He won’t be able to activate the piston.

The sleeping rules also no longer apply to the player in this mode. He is deprived of sound animation. However, he does not take damage from attacking projectiles.


The developers of Minecraft Bedrock have fixed and added some features to achieve even greater similarity with the Java version of the game.

Mobs have a new animation when they put on armor and other protection. They also appear more effectively when they pass through the Nether portal.

You can ruin building blocks if you fill them with water.

The visual image of liquid substances has been corrected.

Allay got a smaller search radius of objects and is now equal to 32, not 64, as it was before. Piglins become enraged if a player breaks a boat or a trolley with a chest.

Sculk Blocks

This is a whole family of blocks in Minecraft PE, which has several types. In the new version, Sculk-Shriekers have become better, thanks to bug fixes.

Sculk – Catalyst now spreads sculk through mud and dirty mangrove roots.



You can find Reinforced Deepslate in the Ancient City.

There are a lot of glowing lianas.


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