Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: spyglass, amethysts, drops of melting ore, blocks of raw ore, tuff.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs

In the released version of Minecraft PE, users can see more innovations. First, this is the appearance in the gameplay of unique objects and ores. For example, the generation of a blossoming amethyst on the surfaces of caves: walls, ceiling, floor; the ability to craft new objects from copper.

Amethyst and geodes

Geodes of crystals have become a new structure deep in the mines of Minecraft PE The outer layer of the geode is a tuff. It’s such a porous block.

The middle one is from calcite, and the inner one is from the amethyst deposit. Crystals themselves grow from such objects.


In Minecraft, a telescope is created from several copper ingots and one amethyst shard. You can use the object to increase the view on the ground. Thus, the pipe brings the required image closer and allows it to be viewed in detail.

Melting Ore Drops

Now, when mining blocks, not full-fledged objects fall out, but small fragments. This rule applies to those items that can be melted in a furnace.

In Minecraft PE, raw ore forms appear instead of the intended ore block. It is noteworthy that the player still can melt, the developers left this chip. This is done to fit a larger amount of valuable ores and materials on the location.

Raw ore

Raw blocks of iron, copper, and gold have been added to the gameplay. In Minecraft, you can create a compact version from raw ore items to save space in your inventory and chests.


Tuff is a solid block in Minecraft PE is generated in mineral veins. You can only get it with a pickaxe since the rest of the tools simply destroy the object. At the moment, tuff has only one use, decorative use. The player can use the block as a decoration for his buildings and homes.



You just need to take this object in your hands and hold it in an empty space on the screen.

To do this, you need to combine 9 raw ores together.


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