Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: devs fixed loads of bugs and improved a few other aspects.

What is new in MCPE

Well, Mojang Studios released the updated Nether a few weeks ago, but they keep adding new features to the game. Recently, developers added Piglin Brutes.

Those creatures are furious and won’t bother trading with a player in Minecraft PE However, there are also some other improvements to the game’s core mechanics in the Nether Update.

Like, drowned geometry is no longer broken in content packs. This minor enhancement, as it might seem, is rather vital for content makers.

Now, they have more power to control how things work in MCPE, like piglins and hoglins behavior.


First of all, Mojang Studios dealt with the Playstation 4 skin problem. It turns out users weren’t able to launch the game if they had a custom skin.

Another even more horrifying issue was related to the zombies. Those rotten guys couldn’t spawn underground until Minecraft PE came out.

Evidently, it broke the core component of the game. Users did not have a source of rotten flesh and effortless experience. On the other hand, pressure plates have had their fix as well.

Those core Redstone components now have collision once again in MCPE


The quite popular Marketplace loads correctly now. Furthermore, some players were unsure whether they typed the right command, or the command block itself did not work.

It appears those rather handy blocks stopped functioning for some reason. For the engineers’ sake, it’s been resolved in Minecraft PE

Besides, the “rider_can_interact” field once again in the game. It is the part of the “minecraft:rideable” prefix.


Also, some iOS players reported notifications were not working on the phones. Luckily for them, Mojang Studios repaired it in the Nether Update beta.

Besides, even the /fill command works better in MCPE It’s more efficient and less laggy.



Try trading with piglins in the Nether.

Use the respawn anchor for it.

No, but you can tame them.


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