Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: create campfires from mangrove wood, use mud bricks and make yourself a flying friend!

What’s new in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft PE, released by the Mojang team, is a part of Wild Update. The developers improved several inhabitants of the game, blocks, and objects. Players can turn into spectators of the blocky world.


Minecraft players are already familiar with Allay, a good friend of Steve, who helps to pick up things in the game world. The developers have added the mob the ability to pick up armor with durability defferent from the one it is holding.

By the way, Allay will not be stuck in non-full blocks anymore.

The creature Warden is known to Bedrock Edition users as a powerful opponent.This mob can attack any mob of Minecraft PE if it accumulates enough anger. He gets angry from loud noises and receive signals from sculk blocks.


There are stunningly beautiful biomes in the game world. For example, Mangrove swamps will serve Minecraft players as a source of dirt and new trees. Users can craft a campfire with charcoal from mangrove wood and logs.

Ancient cities are not so picturesque, but users can find interesting objects there. For example, echo shards to make a recovery compass. There is also sculk patch, which generates more frequent in this update.

Warden lives in Ancient cities, so it’s better to put on armor in advance and go quietly.

Spectator mode

By going into the experimental settings, Minecraft PE users can switch to an unusual mode and become a spectator in the game world.

The player will not be an active participant in the game but will look at everything from the outside. The authors from Mojang also made all the hats and capes transparent in the observation mode.



Players can craft items from this wood.


They should use the experimental settings of MCPE.


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