Jurassic Craft

Download Jurassic Craft mod for Minecraft PE and get to see real and deadly dinosaurs.

What’s Jurassic Craft?

Earth’s Jurassic period is well-known to the public as the time of dinosaurs. Obviously, the addon with the same name will add those reptiles into the MCPE.

Users will be able to find dozens of various creatures lurking in desserts, forests, and plains of this once peaceful world.

Moreover, you’ll get to tame some of them. It means giant tamable monsters who you can ride are now in the game.


The most common dinosaur of this addon is definitely a raptor. You can find these dinos literally everywhere.

Velociraptors, as they also called, are replacing rabbits. Thankfully, you can even tame them in MCPE.

For that, you’ll need some meat. Remember: this type of dinosaur is carnivorous. It means they are gonna attack any life form they see.

They can even open doors!


Another hostile dino in Minecraft PE. You won’t be safe near them, ’cause they are quite vicious and wanna kill you.

However, you can tame its baby version.

When it grows up, it’ll protect you and your friends from any threat. An MCPE user will even get to ride it. It’s swift!


You cannot find this kind of dinos, but you can try to create it. It’s easy, though. You only need to give a bucket of milk to a common raptor.

It’ll turn into a violent creature who is ready to kill everything in Minecraft PE. Unfortunately, you cannot tame it.


Tyrannosaurus Rex is perhaps the most famous dinosaur in the world, thanks to Hollywood. But despite its notorious reputation of a savage animal, a player can actually befriend it.

The most stunning feature of this dino — it can carry things in MCPE. So, all adventurous players ought to find and tame it.


Those are the smallest creatures of Jurassic Craft. Though they might seem non-threatening to a player when in groups, they are extremely dangerous.

Compsognathus is unfriendly, but you can tame them, or simply distract with a piece of meat in Minecraft PE.

0.14.0 – 1.19.51


There are more than 50 types of dinosaurs in the game.

Yes, there are marine as well as flying dinos in MCPE.

Indoraptor is believed to be the most dangerous creature of Jurassic Craft.


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